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Antique Imperial Jade 105 Rose Diamonds Pendant Necklace Platinum

(Click the Jade to see the other side)

This is a gorgeous antique jade pendant necklace with 105 rose cut diamonds set into platinum on a luscious 20 inch platinum chain.
The front and back jade disc are mirror images of each other and are equal in beauty and design and each side has an equal number of diamonds (51) set around the round platinum border.
There are additionally 4 rose cut diamonds set into the top on all 4 sides; North, East, South and West.
There are 105 rose cut diamonds in total.
Both the front and also the back of this gem color green jade has a lotus blossom design cut into it.
This remarkable jade is razor thin and to exhibit such a beautiful exquisite carving in the front and also in the back and to be such an excellent deep rich green natural color is indeed very rare.
This platinum diamond pendant measures approximately 7/8 of an inch in width X 1 1/4 of an inch in height including the bale.
Age is estimated to be circa 1910.

Everyone wants platinum jewelry.
Platinum is the best metal!
I have included the following information about Platinum.

Q. Why should I buy Platinum rather than white gold? Don't they look identical?
A. White gold is simply an alloy of yellow gold. It has neither the strength nor the durability of platinum, or its pure bright luster. Platinum jewelry contains much more precious metal than an identical piece of jewelry in gold.

Q. Why is platinum more expensive than gold?
A. First, its rarer and more difficult to extract. Second, It's purer: a piece of platinum jewelry contains 95% pure platinum. Gold jewelry contains much less precious metal. Third, platinum is extremely dense and a piece of platinum weights much more than gold. Finally, working with platinum requires a high level of skill that only specialist craftsmen possess.

Q. Is platinum fashionable? How do I coordinate it with my gold jewelry wardrobe?
A. Platinum is the metal of the moment. To combine it with yellow gold, mix and match. Two-tone jewelry is very much in vogue and the two metals complement each other perfectly.

Q. Is platinum durable and safe?
A. Yes! It's hypoallergenic and can be worn intensively without losing its luster. Plus, diamonds and precious stones are safer set in platinum because the metal is so strong.
  Price: $12,500.
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